Anonymous asks:

Do you think fairies do a good job at balancing dragons? And in a semi related question, do you think fairies are overpowered?

Gnyyyerrgh.  If anything I think they’re a bit much; Dragon is actually kind of a bad type now, just in and of itself, since its main advantage was always that it was so difficult to block.  Particular Dragon-types are still really, really good, obviously, but mainly ones like Garchomp and Dragonite who are really, really good pretty much regardless of what you do to the type.  On the other hand, most Dragon-types are quite powerful on their own merits.  The weakest ones were Druddigon and Altaria, and Altaria now has a kick-ass Mega form, and Druddigon… well, Druddigon sucks, but there’s sort of not much you can do about that anyway.  So basically it just winds up making life seem very unfair for Flygon, Tyrantrum and Noivern.  It could be worse.

The position Fairy-types are in is sort of the opposite.  On its own merits as a type, Fairy is incredible; their only weaknesses are to types that people still don’t use all that much, and their attacks are pretty solid too.  But very few of them are really in a position to abuse that, because other than just being Fairy-types, most of them aren’t really put together in a terribly optimal fashion.  For Azumaril, Clefable, Togekiss and Gardevoir, it was the boost they needed to go from being merely decent to really powerful.  A lot of the others, like Granbull and Mr. Mime, were just bad before becoming Fairy-types, and are now less bad.  Sylveon is pretty monstrous, I suppose.  And… y’know, then there’s Mega Mawile, but seriously, they gave her Huge Power on top of a base attack score of 105; what did they think was going to happen?

So I suppose what I’m saying is I don’t think Fairy-types really fixed anything definitively, but at least they toned down the Dragons, and any further problems they cause are swamped by the fact that Pokémon’s game balance is a huge tangled mess anyway.

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