Ariento asks:

I’m, uh, not sure what house words are… but I think this sounds neat?

In the TV show Game of Thrones, and the Mediaeval fantasy novels on which it is based, each of the ‘houses’ – the great noble families – has so-called ‘house words,’ basically a fancy name for a motto, like House Stark’s “Winter Is Coming,” or House Greyjoy’s “We Do Not Sow.”  Promotional materials for the show include posters that depict a house’s sigil (a wolf, a giant squid, a three-headed dragon, whatever) alongside its motto, and one of the internet’s pastimes is creating new images in this style for other people or groups, like “House Google – We Are Feeling Lucky,” “House Wayne – We Are the Night,” or “House House – It’s Never Lupus.”  Google image search “Game of Thrones house words” and you’ll get some idea of what’s going on here.  HBO has a website where you can make your own.

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