CantakerousAuntGay asks:

So hey I just wanted to let you know you’re like my favorite single blog I follow that isn’t run by one of my personal IRL friends and you make me laugh all the time. I also thought that you Roman Glass thing was facinating (even if I admit Im in a very small demographic) and would love to see more history stuff.

D’awww, thanks!  Knowing that people enjoy it is probably the main reason I keep this up, so it’s much appreciated!  I sort of feel bad about spending a lot of my time on the history/archaeology stuff instead of Pokémon stuff, since it’s (I assume) not really what most people read my blog for – but sometimes if a topic is on my mind a lot anyway from work, it’s easier to bang something out quickly.  I’ll definitely keep that up, subject to inspiration striking. 🙂

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