Anonymous asks:

If you had to make a team of pokemon that best represents your personality, what pokemon would be on it and why?

Well, I asked Jim the Editor, who as my best friend has an informed but more impartial perspective on the matter, and he came up with the following:

Growlithe, because I’m loyal to my friends and quite stubborn, but my “bark is worse than [my] bite,”
Kangaskhan, because I’m caring and nurturing,
Gogoat, because I’m empathetic and, again, stubborn,
Omastar, because I’m bad at dealing with change,
Farfetch’d, because I’m clearly horribly ill-equipped for life, but somehow manage to stumble through by blind luck,
and Unown, because I’m obsessed with dead languages and obscure knowledge, and also because “from the outside [I] seem mysterious and interesting but once you get to know [me] [I’m] simple, boring and don’t do much ;-)”.

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