Anonymous asks:

Of all the fossil pokemon, not including the kabutops and aurorus lines, which do you think would be the most intimidating to encounter? What about the least intimidating? I did away with those two because they’re obvious answers to the respective categories, since kabutops has the whole slashing thing going on and aurorus is a gentle, color changing giant.

You know, I’m not sure I agree with you on either of those!  Like, Kabutops has the slashy thing, sure, but he’s also about four feet tall, which is a big strike against him as far as intimidation goes.  Aerodactyl is larger, can fly, and will eat your face off, while Tyrantrum is just unfairly massive.  As for least intimidating, well, Aurorus is beautiful and gentle, sure, but still big and bulky enough that she could hurt you pretty badly just by failing to notice you.  Lileep, on the other hand, is made of seaweed and literally cannot move.

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