Anonymous asks:

It’s coming into winter time so I thought I’d ask, can you ice-skate? What is your favourite winter-time activity?

Something I’ve realised since moving to America is that, in the part of New Zealand I come from, we don’t really have winter.  We have more of a long, wet autumn that sort of shades back into spring at the other end (more tropical parts of the world have a rainy season and a dry season; Auckland has a rainy season and a rainier season).  The notion of specifically wintertime activities isn’t all that important to you when you’re from a place where it never snows, I think (and I definitely cannot ice-skate).  Although I suppose if I had to say, I’m very fond of winter desserts.  There’s no reason you can’t make apple pie or rice pudding at any time of the year, but those hot desserts are so much better when it’s cold outside.  I should really go and find my mother’s recipe for chocolate self-saucing pudding one of these days…

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