Anonymous asks:

Happy new year! This question is random, but you do well at coming up with amusing responses to odd questions. Also I love your blog. Anyway: Do you have a new years resolution and what is it?

(Yes this is how far behind I am on questions; shut up)

I tend not to actually declare new year’s resolutions, because if you openly make a new year’s resolution and then fail to keep it, you’ll be cursed by Janus, the two-faced Roman god of doorways, beginnings and endings, and the new year.  I know “god of doorways” doesn’t sound menacing, but trust me, you do not want to be on that guy’s bad side.  But anyway… things that I generally want to do this year BUT ARE NOT FORMAL RESOLUTIONS, DO YOU HEAR ME JANUS include having my $#!t together more with regards to cooking for myself and keeping my apartment tidy, and also finding the time somewhere to go to Scotland and visit Jim the Editor because we haven’t seen each other (barring Skype) in over a year now.

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