Anonymous asks:

Religious attacks aside, I think your recent post on the Orlando shootings were well stated. It sickens me that this kind of thing happens so often in our country, and I can’t imagine any logical reason to allow civilians access to assault rifles. I just want to say I know plenty of religious people on your side. And don’t feel guilty for being “spared” of this sort of attack. Ideally, we’ll reach a time where humans aren’t slaughtered for trivial reasons (or any at all). I’m glad you’re safe.

Thanks; I appreciate the message.  I’m sorry if that part bothered you; emotions were running a bit high when I wrote that, but I have Christian, Muslim and Jewish friends, some of whom are gay or bisexual themselves.  It’s just frustrating to see religion used to justify bigotry over and over again because a small minority still want to worship a bloodthirsty Bronze Age sky god instead of his 21st century reincarnation – as I’m sure many of the religious would agree.

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