Anonymous asks:

You need to post more you exist solely to provide entertainment.

Yeah, I probably should.

At the moment I’m sort of sitting the exams that decide whether I get to write a PhD thesis and become a career academic or have to go home to New Zealand and get a real job, so… y’know, no pressure there or anything.  And the truth is, even when that’s over it’s probably not going to get better because next year they’re actually putting me 100% honest-to-goodness in charge of a university lecture class for the first time in my life (I’m teaching Roman civilisation) so who even knows how that’s going to go, and then after that I might wind up spending a year in Athens, so I should probably try to fit learning modern Greek in there somewhere…

I think for a lot of people who write or make videos or draw comics or whatever on the internet, there’s sort of a distant but aspirational goal of one day making money off it so you can actually treat it as a job, but for me… well, even if that were an easy thing to do (which it isn’t), what I do in the real world is interesting and important to me, which sort of puts a cap on this blog ever being more than a hobby.  Having said that… well, everyone needs a hobby, and I happen to like this one.  So I guess what I’m saying is I’ll do my darnedest.

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