A Dragonborn With a Trident On His Back Playing a Syrinx asks:

This is definitely Heracles https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dzvmPjWMKLaiNG6MOLkOgjcveh2lnEja/view?usp=drivesdk

…I mean, I can believe that it’s trying to be?  Heracles almost always has a club, though, and the ears of his lionskin aren’t usually that pointy; these look more doglike.  Honestly it kind of reminds me of an Age of Mythology Ulfsark.

2 thoughts on “A Dragonborn With a Trident On His Back Playing a Syrinx asks:

  1. I mean, clubs are such ludicrously simple weapons that it’s kind of hard not to have one. Seriously, in D&D non-masterwork clubs and quarterstaves are actually free on the basis that they’re the natural state of large sticks.


    1. I mean he’s depicted with one; mythological figures don’t usually have canonical facial features, so in classical Greek art there’s a range of objects, items of clothing, etc (“attributes”) that are used to “label” a character so the viewer knows who they’re supposed to be, like Zeus’ thunderbolt or Poseidon’s trident. Heracles has the lionskin and a big, knobbly wooden club.


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