Anon the Mon asks:

Hey, sorry if this is too personal, but are you gay, or bi, I’ll rule out hetero because I have been on this blog enough to not be stupid, just wondering.

I’m gay.

That’s kind of the whole answer to this question, but Jim the Editor always tells me that two-word answers are bad for #engagement so I feel like I have to say something else without straying into territory that actually would be too personal.  I do think sometimes that being Gay On The Internet means you have a responsibility to act as representation for people who don’t see much of themselves in popular media, and also that, to a certain extent, this is the #relatable #content for which people are here, so maybe it would be, in a certain sense, good for my “brand” if I talked more about it.  I honestly just don’t have much to say, though.  I come from this culture of academic self-effacement, where I feel that, if people find my orientation and my personal life more interesting than my writing, then my writing must be bad.  And I know this is not how internet success actually works; you’re supposed to be a Personality and cultivate parasocial relationships and so on, but trying to be that still feels deeply unnatural to me.

2 thoughts on “Anon the Mon asks:

  1. Honestly, it’s nice that you don’t try to make yourself a personality, and that you don’t make a big deal out of being gay.

    The whole “Internet personality” thing, when not an organic evolution of what you try to do, kinda sucks. It gets too high-octane, sacrificing good content for viral potential.

    And even though I absolutely appreciate the people who fight for representation in everything they do, and they’re incredibly important, that fighting would be for nothing if being gay always meant you have this innate “difference” that you either have to disguise or make a persona around.

    You’re doing pretty great.

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  2. In a better world, being gay wouldn’t mean or imply anything else about you, and wouldn’t even matter one way or the other unless the topic of romance and/or procreation came up. As a brony, I feel the need to be smug about the fact that Equestria is explicitly that better world.


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