Grass monkey, that funky monkey, GRASS MONKEY! asks:

Have you ever uploaded any pictures of yourself, would you like to?

No, and I don’t plan to anytime soon. I have this very late 90s/early 00s attitude to internet privacy where I don’t particularly like posting photos of my face in public contexts, which I know probably seems a bit antiquated to people even a couple of years younger than me, especially in the context of modern influencer culture where part of doing anything online is that you monetise your personality and cultivate parasocial relationships and all that jazz (which honestly I kind of resent). Even more silly, given that I’ve definitely said enough about myself here that anyone who’s been paying attention could, in principle, quite easily find my full name and at least one photo through Google. But for the moment that’s just not something I feel comfortable with. Besides, what I do here isn’t about me. Like, who gives a $#!t what I look like? And I don’t even mean that as, like “oh, I’m nobody and don’t matter and have poor self-esteem,” because I am a fµ¢£ing delight, but legitimately who gives a $#!t? I’m here to talk about Pokémon and make people think more deeply about stuff that they otherwise might not have. I’m pretty good at what I do, but anyone can do it, and that’s actually kind of my goal. People shouldn’t be interested in me, because I’m not the most interesting part of this equation; heck, I don’t even want to be. My ideas should stand on their own, and if they don’t, then that feels like a failing on my part.

9 thoughts on “Grass monkey, that funky monkey, GRASS MONKEY! asks:

  1. Spoken like a true academic… and one of the few parts of academia’s worldview I consider worth salvaging from that whole mess.


  2. I have bad news and good news: the good news is that frankly to me you just look like a gen 2 pokémaniac and sound like the sarcastic narrator trope. Any evidence to the contrary I’d happily discard.

    Bad news is that you’re a cool writer who has charm and unique takes, and are very much not a replaceable part of the formula. Pokémon is the main tea, but the way you talk about it is just as important.

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    1. I prefer my snarky narrators to use exactly the same tone of voice as regular narrators, completely refusing to acknowledge that everything coming out of their mouth is completely absurd. (Think “Monty Python”)


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