The Dag asks:

What are your opinions on Pokemon Reborn, and whether fanmade games could possibly find elements of themselves incorporated into future canon games?

I don’t think I have an opinion on Pokémon Reborn; I don’t know anything about it.  The second part of this question… I think might have some legal or at least moral hazard to it?  Like, if someone creating a Pokémon fan game creates a cool new mechanic, and that mechanic is later incorporated into a commercial game and the original designer is not compensated in any way… well, I don’t think that would be illegal because (as I understand it) you can’t copyright a game mechanic and it would be extremely difficult to prove that Game Freak didn’t come up with the same idea independently (unless they straight up jacked the fan game’s code, which… well, why?), but it certainly seems sleazy to me?  And, indeed, arguably more so than doing the same with a mechanic from a game that had its own profitable release and was designed by a paid developer.  I don’t know; if I worked for Game Freak I think I might avoid even looking at fan games just so I didn’t need to have that debate with myself.

6 thoughts on “The Dag asks:

  1. “if I worked for Game Freak I think I might avoid even looking at fan games just so I didn’t need to have that debate with myself.”

    Most companies have an official policy along those lines due to the potential legal hassles you address.

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    1. Googled it from the question and wow. It seems. Horrendously bad. Like, WOW. You could cut yourself with all that edge. And god, the shinies. I liked squirtle’s subtle shiny so much.



        May I introduce you to a little game called Pokemon Insurgence.

        It’s a capitalistically, lovecraftian, inexplicable trainwreck of bad overwriting, horribly balanced gameplay, and raw EDGE. And it has had a *monsterous* amount of work put into it. There are insane mechanics, like the Friend Safari’s from gen 6, a whole dex of 200+ insanely detailed and intricate regional forms (my fav being a Christmas Witch Mismagius, a french mime Meloetta, and a sand dune Muk). And a plot that goes on FOREVER in a massive region *stuffed* with intricate sidequests.

        I’d say play it, but for the love of god don’t. There’s a fantasticly indepth LP of it on the LP Archive. that is a fantastic read if you want the full INSANE experience of Pokemon Insurgence without the dredge of playing it.

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        1. Pokémon Insurgence is far better than Reborn, I think. The edge can get too far which I don’t like, but at least no character commits suicide in reference to a real world suicide like in Reborn. Also, I gotta admit, I love Delta Pokémon from Insurgence.


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