Alicent Hightower asks:

Which Pokemon would you choose for your personal sigil and why?

Should this just be my favourite Pokémon?  Is there a reason for it not to be my favourite Pokémon; should I have a better reason than that?

Well, my favourite Pokémon is Vileplume (for reasons discussed herein).  The Pokémon that represents me, that really is who I am and aspire to be deep down, is Druddigon, who lives in a cave being surly and irritable, occasionally emerging to terrorise a village and eat people.  So I guess it’s one of those two (or both; I could have my arms quartered or something, right?).  I hope that answers your question.

5 thoughts on “Alicent Hightower asks:

          1. An Absofusion of Probopass and Garbodor to get the more-legendary-than-the-Mew-under-the-truck Probodor! Probopass’s mini-noses acting as Garbodor’s arms, with sprinkles of the glorious Mario mustache all over the body.

            G-Max version DLC.


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