Should I write something about “Journeys”?

I want to do… some kind of coverage of Pokémon Journeys, the new season of the Pokémon TV show, because I’ve watched the first three episodes in English and really liked them but don’t want to go further before I’ve decided exactly how to approach it.  I’m concerned about taking time away from other projects – like Pokémon reviews, or restarting A Pokémon Trainer is You! – but it does also seem worth discussing.  For those first episodes, I give Jim the Editor a live commentary on Facebook Messenger, and it would be pretty low-effort to just, like… post that, largely unedited or with a few illustrative screenshots mixed in.  Or I could try to do short (like sub-500 word) write-ups of what I think of each episode as I go through them, which would be more thoughtful at the cost of splitting my time and attention.  Or I could just watch it all in my own time and keep my thoughts to myself until there’s time to do some more substantial articles on broader topics like characters and themes, maybe a few more months down the line.

Regardless of the actual form of discussion, Jim the Editor also suggested I could host Netflix watch parties, which… are not a concept I fully understand or see the value of, and would probably involve some awkward time zone contortions with me in New Zealand and most of my readers in America, but I’d be happy to give it a shot? I think basically it’s just a bunch of people all watching the same thing in Netflix at the same time, and also there is a chat window, which could be fun. Is that something anyone has any experience of, or would like to see me try?

4 thoughts on “Should I write something about “Journeys”?

  1. I see there’s still no answers so I’ll get the ball rolling…

    Personally, I have little interest in the anime and am indifferent to it, especially if it slows down the other content, but ultimately I think it’s important you write things you WANT to write and I also don’t speak for all your readers (obviously). I was hoping to see some more responses in regards to this, but could just be people haven’t gotten around to commenting.

    As for Netflix watch parties, I don’t have Netflix and so haven’t been a part of one but I have done movie nights over Discord and streaming shows/movies with people can be fun. In Discord, we just used voice chat, though text works too. It allows people to actually respond and interact as they watch, and interaction is always a nice thing, especially in today’s climate. If it interests you, it’s worth giving a try.

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    1. I guess I think I have… more to say about the anime that *isn’t* said equally well by others. I like my Pokémon reviews well enough, but I do worry sometimes that they don’t particularly stick out; there are plenty of other people who analyse Pokémon designs and the inspirations behind them, even if my exact style is unique.

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      1. That’s fair. I do think your Pokemon reviews are pretty unique (why else would I have stuck around so many years? Though the archaeology lessons and such also are fascinating). I have searched around for reviews similar to them but haven’t any decent ones that are still active. And perhaps I am just fond of your writing style too. I definitely want you to write stuff that feels fulfilling though, and if it’s anime episode reviews, go for it!

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  2. I’ve seen you ask this before, and I’m sorry my man, but I can’t really say anything about the topic since while I would LOVE for you to go back to anime discussions, I haven’t seen a lick of Journeys and thus I can’t honestly say I’d prefer it over your regular writing, personally.

    But! Having said that, if you think you’ve got something to say that haven’t been said in an equally-well manner before, I say you should go for it! If nothing else, it’s current and might legitimately attract new readers to the blog, especially if the content is different from anything else out there. At least give it one article; you can use that article’s stats to gauge interest from your current readers, and then decide if it’s worth continuing or not.

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