Ace Trainer Fox asks:

If you had to make a pokemon team for each of the original digidestined: Tai, Matt, T.K., Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Sora, and Koiri(using the dub names here, also can’t spell Koiri’s, Kairi’s? name) what pokemon would you pick for each that shows off their individual personalities and abilities?

[This question actually landed in my inbox before I started that series doing this same thing for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I just have a huge queue of questions and this particular one took a while to answer; it’s a total coincidence that it’s kind of on-theme.]

Hmmmm… let me see… we’ve got to get Pokémon that at least vaguely resemble their Digimon partners and their powers, and we’ve also got to get Pokémon that can stand for the virtues of their Crests, as well as for notable traits of their personalities.


I think Tai mainly uses Fire-types like Agumon and Greymon; obviously he needs a Charizard, and I think Arcanine is a good match for his Crest of Courage.  He has a somewhat reckless and impulsive nature, so I think we should add something like Primeape.  I feel like we should include something for SkullGreymon – Houndoom, maybe?  Tai and Sora play soccer together and I think they both have Cinderace that they got at the same time.  Nidoking kinda straddles his transition from risk-taking idiot to actual leader, and is another dinosaur-like Pokémon.


Matt’s kind of an edgelord so I think he should have some edgy Pokémon like Absol and Lycanroc (either Dusk or Midnight).  Add Lucario, because Lucario is basically WereGarurumon, and it’s a Pokémon that evolves through friendship, which fits his Crest of Friendship.  Crobat and Umbreon are more friendship evolutions that seem suitably edgy.  He doesn’t really have a type specialisation but I think he should have one Ice-type, since Garurumon has some ice abilities and Matt’s the “blue oni” to Tai’s red – maybe Glalie.


Sora needs a flaming bird for Birdramon, so she should obviously have a Talonflame, and I think Braviary’s size and strength are a good match for Garudamon.  We’ve already decided she has a Cinderace.  The Crest of Love is about compassion and caring, and Sora kinda looks after everyone else, so she should also have a couple of Pokémon with healing abilities like Blissey and Miltank.  Mandibuzz might also be good for her; it’s another bird Pokémon and it’s caring and maternal but also a scrappy fighter.


Vikavolt, as an electric stag beetle to match Kabuterimon.  Metagross and Porygon 2, for his computer genius abilities; also he definitely has a Rotom that jumps between his devices.  The Crest of Knowledge is about intellect, and for that I might give Izzy an Alakazam, but it’s also about discovery and learning, and of the whole squad Izzy is the most curious about the Digital World’s past and fundamental nature, so he could also get a Bronzong.


Lilligant for flower-fairy Lilymon and Cacturne for giant cactus of doom Togemon.  The Crest of Sincerity is a tricky one but I think it suits a Pokémon with empathic abilities like Gardevoir, and Mimi would also like Gardevoir’s glamourous appearance.  She has kind of an imperious bearing at times and has an episode where she basically gets appointed queen of a Digimon tribe, and I think Vespiquen works for that, and maybe Slowking as well, since she’s a bit ditzy but has her own brand of wisdom too.  And, uh… well, she loves singing and is kind of a prima donna, so how about Wigglytuff?


Well, obviously Walrein, because of Ikkakumon.  I think the Crest of Reliability suits bulky, defensive and extremely chill Pokémon like… say, Relicanth, but also Pokémon with a reputation for helping and rescuing people, like Floatzel and Azumarill, or nurturing, like Kangaskhan.  I also like the idea of Joe having a Golisopod, because he’s a nervous wreck a lot of the time but also has this core of strength that earns him his Crest.


Swoobat is probably the closest thing we have to Patamon.  Angemon is hard because Pokémon doesn’t really have anything “angelic,” but I think Togekiss is close, and a good fit for TK’s bubbly personality and the Crest of Hope.  There’s no flying horse Pokémon for Pegasusmon, but we can use Galarian Rapidash.  Older TK in season 2 has this hardened “I may be nice, but mess with my friends and I’ll fµ¢£ you up” side that I think we can express by giving him Gallade and Sirfetch’d.  Round things out with… mmm… let’s say Raichu; little TK has kind of a “mascot” quality, after all.


Persian, for Gatomon (I could see arguments for either Kantonian or Alolan); Angewomon is another tricky one but I think Hatterene is the closest fit available.  Dhelmise for her weird connection to the Dark Ocean in season 2.  Kari’s Crest is Light, and it’s honestly never made super clear what that actually means other than that she has some greater mystical importance than the others, but we can give her some Pokémon related to light, day and the sun, like Solrock, Espeon and Cherrim.

14 thoughts on “Ace Trainer Fox asks:

  1. Y’know, I think Purrserker would be a better fit for Kari’s Gatomon, it fits with Gatomon’s dark origins and fighting prowess, also it is a bipedal cat and shows Gatomon’s less elegant side, and Izzy should have an orbeetle because not only is it a male coded ladybug, it also references his fascination with aliens in the earlier episodes otherwise, I completely agree with your choices for their teams.

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    1. Mmm; these are both good calls. Persian *are* super ruthless, though – they’re just less brutal and in-your-face about it than Perrserker, which I think works for Gatomon as well.


          1. Fair enough, the main reasons I site are how rounded faces and cooler colors are a design shortcut to make something look more feminine…well to me at least.


  2. Say hello to an influx of “if you had to make a Pokemon team for this set of characters, what would you pick?” questions.

    Still, solid choices. I agree with the above commenter’s alterations, but they’re pretty good otherwise. Man this gave me some big nostalgia though. I was really into the first two seasons of this show, moreso than the Pokemon anime. Maybe young me just thought the characters and plot were a bit more mature? At the very least Ash never helped the case for me, I always thought he was pretty frustrating at times.

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    1. “Say hello to an influx of ‘if you had to make a Pokemon team for this set of characters, what would you pick?’ questions.”

      Indeed! I’ll just put my suggestions here:
      -Teams for the PoV characters of A Song of Ice and Fire/main characters of Game of Thrones
      -Teams for the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring
      -Teams for the Johto Gym Leaders if they could only use Pokémon from Generation 5
      -Teams for the winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons 2 through 8
      -Teams that represent each geological period starting with the Cambrian
      -Teams for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po
      -Teams that represent the four major divisions of gym-stuff: bodybuilding, powerlifting, cardio (boo!) and callisthenics
      -Teams for five continental philosophers of the author’s own choosing
      -Speaking of continental, let’s throw in a team that represents a continental breakfast and a team that represents the one with all the fried stuff… English?
      -Teams for all four Golden Girls


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