Son of Iris asks:

If you were in one of Rick Riordan’s books, who do you think your godly parent would be?

Honestly I think it’s more likely that I’d be, like… a mortal who got mixed up in some weird $#!t, like Rachel Elizabeth Dare.  Either that, or it’d be one of the really obscure minor Roman gods – probably Fornax, the goddess of ovens, baking and bread.

7 thoughts on “Son of Iris asks:

    1. Not Greek – Roman! The Romans have a lot of very minor, very specific gods for, like, household items and stuff. Not everything in Roman mythology is just taken over one-to-one from Greece, and actual day-to-day Roman religious practice is very different from classical Greece.

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      1. The hazards of typing before double-checking 😛
        “Not everything in Roman mythology is just taken over one-to-one from Greece”
        Cool to find out about a concrete example of this – my knowledge of both are limited enough that I can’t think of any Roman deity without a Greek counterpart off the top of my head. So my basic perception of Roman mythology has always been sort of like, Greek mythology with different names…


  1. Huh, fair enough, although I pegged you for a kid of athena or something, but you are less smart and wise, and more like a bard that is able to sing a good 3 showtunes out of key and nothing else, so you would probably be like, a kid of Apollo or something.


    1. I see you’ve heard Chris sing too, then!

      But seriously, Chris is one of the most genuinely curious people I’ve met in my life (in every sense of the word – love you Chris!). As a result he is a constant source of strange and unusual information regarding all manner of subjects in addition to being a world-class classicist and archaeologist. Your comment does him a great disservice, aside from the singing part, which is broadly accurate.

      All the best,
      Dr Jim the Editor

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