Patreon tier changes

I’ve made some changes to my Patreon tier structure, which will hopefully make small donations a bit more worthwhile. New benefits are as follows:

The “minion” tier ($1+) lets you jump the queue for my Q&A box by sending me questions via Patreon DMs. Right now I have so many unanswered questions, most of which are complicated ones that I can’t easily knock out in half an hour, that there’s a sort of wishing-well quality to putting anything in the question box. It doesn’t cost me anything to rearrange the queue, so I think it’s reasonable to give that to anyone prepared to support me, even for only a small amount.

I’ve never had anyone sign up specifically for the $8/month tier that included access to behind-the-scenes material, so I’m moving that to $5 and getting rid of the $4 tier (which used to have the question priority benefit).

And lastly, it’s now $10/month (down from $12) for membership on the Dark Council, which gets to make suggestions for a longer discussion article every month, as well as a unique title on my acknowledgements page and a shout-out at the end of articles.

If you like my writing and would like me to be able to do more of it, check out and consider a monthly donation – every little helps!

3 thoughts on “Patreon tier changes

  1. not to eff your Patreon drag but have you used Buy Me a Coffee? I used it before pandemic days but even more so during the pandemic to “buy a coffee” for colleagues & writers whose work & creative output I appreciated. it’s more of a one-off/occasional contribution alternative though it also offers “membership” options


  2. can I make a suggestion: would you consider covering Galarian Stunfisk alongside Galarian Zigzagoon & Galarian Linoone? at first blush, it sounds unorthodox but I think they’re linked thematically by rock music culture pioneered in the UK, especially punk rock & perhaps also heavy metal. I think there’d be a lot more to discuss about each of these lines together than separately.


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