in anticipation of forthcoming announcements:

The February 26 “Pokémon Presents” broadcast is, for me in New Zealand, at 4 o’clock on the morning of February 27, and frankly there is no force in heaven or earth that will get me out of bed that early just to listen to an announcement from the people who have STOLEN MY LIFE AND REFUSE TO JUST LET ME DIE IN PEACE

I’ll get to it when I get to it, whether it’s Diamond and Pearl remakes, or Let’s Go Johto, or a gritty live action reboot of the TV show, or a new mobile game based on the Celadon Game Corner where you play the slot machines with real money to win a .gif of a Porygon, or just 20 solid minutes of Junichi Masuda bawling his eyes out and knocking back bottles of sake like Gatorade after a marathon because all the Dexit tweets are starting to get to him

for the record, that last one is my official prediction and I am taking no additional questions until further notice

EDIT: actually though I will be streaming Final Fantasy X with Jim the Editor on his Youtube channel as we do every week at 9am NZ time (8pm UK and… I don’t fµ¢£ing know, some other time US) and I’ll probably watch/listen to the broadcast while we’re doing that, so if you want to hear my unstructured and profanity-laden first impressions to the backdrop of an angsty bleached-blonde teenager with daddy issues killing monsters with a Welsh sword… y’know, I’m sure that’ll be in some way worth listening to. I’ll tweet when we’re live or something.

9 thoughts on “in anticipation of forthcoming announcements:

  1. Well this turner out interesting. The remakes look… weird. I think the overworld artstyle is TOO chibi but I think it’s gonna be good. I really don’t know what to think of the Legends: Arceus though. The idea is great, I am not sure about the execution yet.

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  2. Personally, I’m super excited for the remakes. Platinum is one of my favorite mainline games. (I’ll be sad if they end up not including the Distortion World or any cool Platinum content. Distortion World could look so interesting.) Here’s to hoping the remakes are more like ORAS than Let’s Go story-wise and make neat changes/additions to the storyline.

    Don’t really like how the artstyle is even more chibi than Gen 6’s. And graphics are on par with Gen 6, even though that was years ago. (Now I feel old.)

    On the other hand, Legends looks great, and it could be so fun. I hope they don’t make too many drastic changes to the formula. I’ve heard battles might not be turn-based, which would be a big deal.

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  3. “okay but can we not call them BDSP; that’s just one botched keystroke away from BDSM and I dunno if Pokémon is ready for that”

    We’ve already had Pokémon S&M my dude. It’s MUCH too late to be worried about that.

    (apologies if the tweet I can’t see already says this)

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  4. Man, I was already feeling a little on-edge about the fact that we’re getting two games in a short time -meaning they once again probably won’t give the devs enough time to do a great job, and that neither game will be the company’s full focus. Not to mention that the remakes showed no sign of expanding upon the story and character design like ORAS did, and while FRLG and HGSS had plenty of merit in bringing beloved, but technically poor, installments to the franchise’s contemporary standards, Sinnoh 2 (& Knuckles) makes a… bold… choice in going back to a look more simplistic than we had in 2013. (And while Gen 1-5 art registers as simplification, those things register as fully rendered crimes against nature. If you see eyelashes but no neck there’s no neck. They’re cute but I’m not sure how long I can look at them.)

    But y’know what? Who cares. I’m not the only antsy fan and everyone complained about this already. The only thing I care about now is I didn’t get to see Junichi guzzle sake and cry.


    1. That’s kinda the thing, though – we’re getting two games in a fairly short time, but it’s not the same devs or company working on them. The Diamond/Pearl remakes are the first ever mainline Pokémon games not being made by Game Freak; Masuda is co-directing but they’re being developed by ILCA. Legends *does* in fact have Game Freak’s full focus (I mean, aside from the fact that they’ve probably started gen IX already, but that was going to be the case regardless of what they announced this weekend).

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