Digidestined asks:

We all know that if you were in pokemon, you would be a grass and psychic trainer with an ace Vileplume, but what would be your digimon partner if you were a digidestined? Keep in mind even neglectful or neutral tamers have bonds on par with ash and Pikachu, so add in the digimon’s personality to compliment your own if you can.

so… I know this is a bit of a cop-out, but there is a Digimon that is a literal kiwi, and it’s in a line of plant-type Digimon, and I always thought as a kid “yes, that one.”  I dunno if any of those Digimon have ever had enough screentime to have an established personality.  In the games Kiwimon is usually the champion-level form of Floramon (Digimon evolution is a lot less fixed than Pokémon evolution and most Digimon have multiple documented paths across various games – I think Kiwimon’s ultimate form can be either Blossommon or Deramon, both of which I like), but from what I can remember, when both of those Digimon appear in the anime they’re two different individuals and have radically different personalities. Floramon is kinda ditzy and fun-loving, whereas Kiwimon is very taciturn and stoic. So honestly I think there is room to just say that individual Digimon of the same species can have totally different personalities, and mine would be something that drives me up the wall in exactly the right way to make me improve myself somehow.

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      1. MetalEtemon. And not just any random MetalEtemon, but the specific one from the original Digimon Adventure anime.

        (I have no idea what Jim is actually like but the thought of you two being the Puppetmon and MetalEtemon from the original anime is too amusing to leave my head.)

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  1. Digivolution is a complete mess. Just look at some of these digivolution trees: https://digivolutioncentral.tumblr.com/post/152732028520/back-to-the-normal-charts-again-heres-chart-7

    Seriously, it loops around. Digimon can not only digivolve up and down, they can skip levels or even digivolve laterally into another Digimon of the same rank – I tried to actually comprehend when playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth and eventually gave up because it’s just so chaotic. The show sorta tries to simplify it into just a linear path with branches most of the time (note: most of the time, sometimes they’re like “f#$& it” and do whatever), but in canon it’s just a mess and it’s like every Digimon comes from a dozen families or something, maybe less.

    Even looking at paths linearly, it’s messy. To quote my favorite summary of Digivolution from the always entertaining Karina of Drawfee: “in Pokemon evolution it goes Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard. In Digimon evolution it’s Charmander, Charizard, Charizard in a gun wearing pants, Gyarados, Professor Oak in BDSM wear, then Ditto.”

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