Veteran Shaun asks:

By the way, what’s your opinion of Eusine?

Eusine and Morty have this… “the magic has gone out of the world, and I can bring it back” vibe.  Generation II was still kinda working through exactly what legendary Pokémon were and meant, and how they were going to fit into the world, because the original games didn’t really lock that down very clearly.  A lot of that work happens with Suicune, Entei, Raikou and the way their story is tied into the history and atmosphere of Johto.  Something was lost, the towers burned, a miracle was witnessed, but the Pokémon vanished and were never seen again, and the world is a little less magical for their absence.  But they still have these… well, for lack of a better word, these prophecies, and Morty’s visions, that tell them someone will bring the legendary Pokémon back.  Eusine’s attitude varies a bit between portrayals – original games, remakes, anime, his Generations short – sometimes he’s arguably just chasing personal glory, other times it seems like he has more of a “mission” in mind, something he wants to do for the world.  I think the common thread is that he’s thrilled by the idea of finding and experiencing something that exists on the outermost edge of human knowledge… which, ultimately, is what legendary Pokémon are, I think.

I dunno if that constitutes an “opinion of Eusine” but that’s what you’re getting.

One thought on “Veteran Shaun asks:

  1. the earlier games actually managed to make the legendaries much more mystical than the modern era ones because they’re only hinted about in stories and myths and found in out of the way areas that you probably won’t find if you aren’t straying off the main path whereas you kinda can’t miss the modern ones as the entire story revolves around them and despite being embodiments of much grander concepts they feel less special becuase they’re shoved in your face


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