I’m probably not dead yet

Just a quick note to say that I have been sick for over a week and also simultaneously dealing with remote teaching as New Zealand entered a lockdown in response to the arrival of COVID Delta. Those two things are not related – I had a COVID test on the first day of lockdown and it came back negative; I think it’s a nasty strep infection (which… would not normally be cause for celebration, but I guess under the circumstances kind of is? Hooray for strep infections!). It’s a really fun level of sick, where I’m not so unwell that I can’t actually do anything, but I do definitely feel like $#!t most of the time. So anyway that’s why there hasn’t been a new “A Pokémon Trainer Is You” episode or much other stuff lately. Don’t worry about me; I think I’m getting better and should be functioning properly again in a few days.

2 thoughts on “I’m probably not dead yet

  1. On the Gallade soup: I like to imagine that there’s at least a story about a Ralts mill (think “puppy mill”) where some Kirlia got a bright idea and a brighter rock only for this dish to be invented to tell the rest that things don’t work that way.

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