Detective Pikachu top 5 scenes

Hello Pokémaniacs, Jim the Editor here.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for Chris’ thoughts on Detective Pikachu; well, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that Chris has a very long post – so long that it might turn out to be 2 posts – with all the thoughts he can muster about the long-awaited live-action Pokémon adaptation. 

The bad news is that there were some minor structural issues I had with the draft and Chris has begrudgingly agreed to make a few changes here and there to ensure that we put out only the best content for all of you.   

In the meantime, because we promised Detective Pikachu content today, we decided to give you all a special Jim the Editor post containing my 5 favourite scenes from the movie!

There will be spoilers – you have been warned!

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I can help?

Hello everyone, Jim the Editor here – don’t worry, nothing has happened to Chris, he’s just busying himself with the Ultra Beast reviews, answering all your questions and, well, his attempts to contribute to the real-world academic community, so we thought it might be worth me taking the lead to point wildly at an upcoming Pokémon-related event which is close to my own heart. For the second year running Niantic – the creators of Pokémon Go – are teaming up with Playmob to support a worldwide ‘clean-up’ initiative based around ‘Earth Day’ on April 22nd.

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