The Pokémaniacal New Year’s Speed-Nuzlocke-stravaganza

Okay peeps; it’s New Year’s Eve, I’m in Jim the Editor’s flat in sunny and tropical St. Andrews, Scotland, it’s fμ¢&ing miserable outside (because Scotland), and I am going to speed-Nuzlocke the $#!t out of Pokémon: Fire Red version, because WHAT ELSE ARE WE GOING TO DO?  This post will be updated throughout the night with progress reports, screenshots and commentary, and we will either conquer the Elite Four or die trying.




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Anonymous asks:

You said you have a Uranium Nuzlocke going; I just wanted to let you know that there is a functional mystery gift feature. I’m not sure how it interacts with nuzlocke mode or if this promotion is still running, but they were distributing a shiny jerbolta (which is actually just sonic the hedgehog) and two items, I believe a destiny knot and a sachet? I’m interested to hear how your nuzlocke progresses regardless of whether you get these gifts or not!

Good to know; I’ll see if I can get it to work.  I think they were having problems with their online features recently due to… I think a DDOS attack or something?  Not sure what it was or whether they’ve fixed it.  But we’ll see.

And, uh… you really don’t want to know how the Nuzlocke is going.  I mean, I’m going to tell you anyway, but it’s… not pretty.

Anonymous asks:

How do you get the inspiration for the Nuzlocke character’s personalities?

I had a procedure, actually.  I have ceased to follow it, because it got restrictive and I pulled better ideas out of the aether, but I used to have one.  What I used to do was every time I caught a Pokémon I would use a random number generator to roll a D&D-style alignment for them (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic + Good/Neutral/Evil) and that combined with their nature was their personality.  Like, Ruby is Bold and Lawful Evil, which hopefully makes sense, and Spruce is Rash and Chaotic Good.  Melissa was Jolly and I had no idea what to do with her until I rolled Lawful Neutral for her and thought “well, okay, obviously she needs to be in fanatical service to a terrifying amoral entity.”  It made sense at the time.  Luna was Impish and Chaotic Evil and come on that writes itself.  Now though I mostly just do whatever works in the context of the story, because there’s enough already there that it’s a better source of inspiration than a random number generator.  Usually I pester Jim the Editor about it and we talk about it and eventually I come up with something that’s at right angles to whatever either of us originally had in mind.