Ty asks:

So there’s a Pokemon fan game that I’ve been enjoying for quite a while now called Pokemon Rejuvenation, and while they stay pretty true to the original Pokemon games, they also have added new things on top of the old system like more complex field effects, Gym Leaders with exclusive, signature moves, and a hard level cap where your Pokemon stop getting EXP at a certain point until you get your next badge.

One of these things I’d love to hear your opinion on, which is Pokemon Crests. Crests are inspired by items like Marowak’s Thick Club and Farfetch’d’s Stick. Pokemon Crests can be held by specific Pokemon to give them advantages to help make weaker Pokemon stronger. Here are some examples that were added: [cutting this for space and moving it to the end]

There are several more Crests, but you get the picture. What are your thoughts on this concept, how you like it in comparison to other ways of strengthening weaker Pokemon that we’ve seen, and how reasonable do you think this solution is?

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Anonymous asks:

Seeing that you did a post about Pokemon Uranium, have you ever heard of or played Pokemon Reborn or its sister game Pokemon Rejuvenation? These games also play with darker themes and provide an additional challenge of 18 gyms. They also added the mechanic of interacting with the environment through field effects, Terrain abilities and expanded on them greatly to create many interactive fields from forests to icy surfaces, and even a chessboard. Would you consider doing a post about them?

Well, I’ll finish this one first.  But maybe?  We’ll see.