Ty asks:

So there’s a Pokemon fan game that I’ve been enjoying for quite a while now called Pokemon Rejuvenation, and while they stay pretty true to the original Pokemon games, they also have added new things on top of the old system like more complex field effects, Gym Leaders with exclusive, signature moves, and a hard level cap where your Pokemon stop getting EXP at a certain point until you get your next badge.

One of these things I’d love to hear your opinion on, which is Pokemon Crests. Crests are inspired by items like Marowak’s Thick Club and Farfetch’d’s Stick. Pokemon Crests can be held by specific Pokemon to give them advantages to help make weaker Pokemon stronger. Here are some examples that were added: [cutting this for space and moving it to the end]

There are several more Crests, but you get the picture. What are your thoughts on this concept, how you like it in comparison to other ways of strengthening weaker Pokemon that we’ve seen, and how reasonable do you think this solution is?

In general I like ways for underappreciated Pokémon to do cool things, and this is a nice backdoor way of giving them bespoke buffs without having to make a bunch of overpowered signature moves or abilities (which might overwrite nice abilities they already have).  Some of these seem really powerful, but I think having to use your item slot should prevent most of them from getting out of hand, and the fact that they’re tailored to specific Pokémon with known flaws helps a lot (like, clearly the Ledian one is something that you could only even consider giving to a Pokémon with an attack stat as unrelentingly garbage as Ledian’s).  I actually had a really long argument with Jim the Editor about whether the Whiscash one is overpowered, because clearly it’s strong but honestly I think it would be all right – like, Spiritomb in generations IV and V had three immunities and no weaknesses with solid defensive stats, and Spiritomb was good back then but not crazy. Still, as a general rule I think it’s reasonable to be cautious about overcorrecting on some of this stuff; there are a lot of Pokémon that don’t get much love on the competitive scene not because they’re fundamentally bad but because there’s another Pokémon that does a similar job slightly better.

Purely as a flavour thing, I also quite like that these are items, because you can make the player go on quests to find items, or receive them as rewards, or create them from components, or any number of other tasks that you can then hang a subplot on.  “Crests” as a generic term I’m a little more “meh” on, though; I think it would be cool to have unique names and thematic designs for each Pokémon’s item.  Of course, that’s then another thing you have to create.

Example Crests:

Cherrim’s Crest makes Flower Gift always active.
Darmanitan’s Crest makes Zen Mode always active.
Dedenne’s Crest makes his Attack Stat the same as his Speed.
Leafeon’s Crest makes him resist Flying and Fire instead of be weak to them.
Glaceon’s Crest makes her resist Rock and Fighting instead of be weak to them.
Ledian’s Crest makes Punch moves hit 4 times (but secondary effects can only activate during the first 2 hits).
Whiscash’s Crest gives him Sap Sipper on top of his existing ability.
Bastiodon’s Crest causes attackers to take 50% of the damage they deal to Bastiodon, and Bastiodon is healed by that same amount.

4 thoughts on “Ty asks:

  1. That’s kinda cool – and you get to buff your underpowered favorite without the all too common trade-off in the real games: it doesn’t come with a redesign that undermines the whole reason you wanted to use it in the first place… (Or is that just me?)

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  2. I think Whiscash’s would be even more powerful just by the existence of the item. Until determining the Whiscash’s hold item, the opponent wouldn’t be able to attack it with a grass move without risk… and meanwhile Whiscash could use that opportunity to hold just about anything. The possibility of Whiscash holding the item could lead to opponents not even risking it with a grass move, thereby eliminating the weakness AND allowing it to hold a different hold item… if that makes sense.

    Granted that still doesn’t leave it any more advantaged than Spiritomb was, but it does allow for mind games. And I’m a big fan of mind games.


  3. So there are some other Pokemon that get these effects, and of them, Spiritomb’s is the one that seems absurdly broken. Basically Spiritomb’s Crest increases Spiritomb’s Attack and Special Attack by 30% for every ally Pokemon that’s KOed and also restores Spiritomb’s HP by 1/16th for every ally Pokemon that’s KOed. If Spiritomb is your last Pokemon, they have an inherent 150% boost to both attacks and heals for 5/16ths of their max HP every turn.

    If anyone’s curious, here’s a link to a thread someone created on movesets for each Crest Pokemon and what those crests do: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/51970-movesets-for-all-crest-pokemon/?tab=comments#comment-906550


  4. From what I understand, they’re all called crests because they’re tied together via lore (similar to mega stones).


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