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So with Q-Fusion Hyper Abilities being a thing in gen VIII, how do you think they will impact the metagame?

Well, it was certainly a bold choice to give such a significant buff to all Pokémon with the letter q in their English names, but frankly it’s a pretty short list, and if you manage to fit two of those Pokémon onto your team, and manage to spend a turn fusing them, you deserve to get the ridiculous hyper-abilities.  Rayquaza would probably still prefer to mega-evolve than Q-fuse, but most of the others seem really powerful, and the beneficiaries are mostly Pokémon who haven’t gotten a whole lot of attention in the past.  Nidoquanid should be a powerhouse with Q-BubbleForce turning all its best attacks into super-powered dual-type Water versions that bypass immunity abilities.  Vespiqwilfish can stall forever since Q-Presstimidation drops the opponent’s attack stats every time they try to hurt you.  Eviolite Tranquilladin being immune to Flying attacks (as well as truly a ridiculous number of other things) thanks to Q-BigPecksProof makes it a really interesting counter to a lot of Pokémon.  Eviolite Squilava’s Q-FlashFireDish lets it heal not just from using Fire attacks or even being hit by Fire attacks, but from being in Sunny Day, or being in the party while someone else uses Fire attacks, or even just thinking about fire (and I admit it does seem a little excessive that the game will upgrade your Switch with a brain-scan capability just to facilitate this effect, but the flavour/design justification is so good that in my opinion it’s absolutely worth it).

Honestly these things are going to totally run away with the entire game if J-Armour GigaTech Moves turn out not to be the hard counter they’re supposed to be.

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I realize now that my previous question may have been misleading. When I said “weird” I wasn’t referring to the grass/fighting type combination itself, as that’s been done several times, but to the idea of a mysterious owl suddenly evolving into an aggressive grass/fighting bird.

Imagine, though. Rowlet turns into a badass fighting or dragon type, litten into a large, chubby, lovable cat, and popplio into a grotesque mammoth/walrus-like thing. Nobody will be satisfied.

The previous question alluded to here: “Watch rowlet lose its flying type upon evolving and become a grass/fighting type or something even weirder. That would certainly be interesting”

See, I don’t think that sort of thing is likely, purely because the starters are the one place where, more than any other (except maybe the mascot legendaries), they want mass appeal, and while that doesn’t exactly rule out weird and quirky designs for the evolved forms, I believe it makes Game Freak more likely to incline towards safe choices.  Looking back at past starters… they really just don’t tend to “do” major reversals in aesthetics and design as they evolve.  I suspect there’s kind of an expectation that, when you choose your starter, you should pretty much know what you’re getting.  It’s supposed to be your partner, so if it evolves into something radically different and you don’t like it anymore, the design has kinda failed, in that particular respect.

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Re: Litten, it might only be black because of its fur being so oily as it says on the official website, and not the typical ‘black=dark’ thing. If they’re going with the bomb/explosion motif, and if the marking on its head really is based on the symbol for brimstone and not just random stripes, we could see something totally weird like Fire/Steel or even Fire/Rock.

Eh, I think they’re likely to stay away from “totally weird” on the starters; they want starters to have broad appeal, rather than be quirky and niche.  But sure, rule nothing out.  As always, I am the very soul of apathy as far as predicting things about upcoming games.

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I don’t know if you’ve looked closely at the screenshots from Pokemon Sun and Moon, but if you have what are your thoughts on the bird Pokemon they show. Do you think it will be another generic starter bird? Maybe a starter?

Okay so something you should understand about me is that I am a terrible, awful wet blanket when it comes to pre-release speculation.  Like, pretty much anything that anyone says at this point, my reaction is “yeah but there is literally no way you can prove that so I don’t care.”  Case in point, with that half-finished wireframe model we saw for a few seconds, I’m not even 100% convinced it wasn’t a Skarmory.  I mean, it’s probably not because it looked like it had some kind of poofy headdress thing, but the first time I saw that trailer it honestly didn’t even occur to me that I might be looking at a new Pokémon at all.  And even once we get that far, I just have zero interest in using such incredibly scanty information to make vague and poorly informed guesses about something that we’re just going to be straight up told in a few months anyway.  I’m boring like that.

I much prefer making vague and poorly informed guesses about subjects that Game Freak is never going to give us more information about.  That way I can never be definitively proven wrong!  Muwhahahahaha!

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What do you think the Sun/Moon region will be like? The ad seems to play up the inclusion of Simplified Chinese, so maybe a province of China?

Not really sure – I mean, I think to say that they were “playing up” the inclusion of Chinese is rather a misreading of the ad; it seemed to me much more like they were showing off the number of languages rather than any one in particular, which is perfectly consistent with the way Pokémon has been explicitly emphasising its status as an international phenomenon for several years now.  But I suppose it’s as good a guess as any.  I’ve talked before about wanting to see a Pokémon region based on India, but China (or part of China) would be a good choice as well, for many of the same reasons.  Chinese mythology might then produce a three-legged crow Pokémon for the sun and a rabbit Pokémon for the moon, so if you think China is a likely source of inspiration, watch for those.