Anonymous asks:

What do you think the Sun/Moon region will be like? The ad seems to play up the inclusion of Simplified Chinese, so maybe a province of China?

Not really sure – I mean, I think to say that they were “playing up” the inclusion of Chinese is rather a misreading of the ad; it seemed to me much more like they were showing off the number of languages rather than any one in particular, which is perfectly consistent with the way Pokémon has been explicitly emphasising its status as an international phenomenon for several years now.  But I suppose it’s as good a guess as any.  I’ve talked before about wanting to see a Pokémon region based on India, but China (or part of China) would be a good choice as well, for many of the same reasons.  Chinese mythology might then produce a three-legged crow Pokémon for the sun and a rabbit Pokémon for the moon, so if you think China is a likely source of inspiration, watch for those.

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