I think conkeldurr looks like a clown cause he’s supposed to be like a circus strongman. That’s why he has the nose thing. It really doesn’t come across that well, though.

(For reference, this comment is in response to one of my older entries: http://pokemaniacal.tumblr.com/post/17760667917/timburr-gurdurr-and-conkeldurr)

That… would make sense.  I suppose if that is what they were aiming for then Conkeldurr is… shall we say… less awful than I made him out to be.

I still think the whole clown thing makes him look unbelievably stupid, and I still think they haven’t really done anything with it – that is, if you take away the clown noses and the funny hair, it would do nothing but improve the design; he has no traits or abilities that would stop making sense without them (I mentioned Mr. Mime in the entry, and you might make a comparison with him; his powers are way more specific than “this Pokémon is physically strong” – do you see what I mean?).

So, yeah.  I still hate Conkeldurr, but I hate him less now.  Good job. 🙂

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