Apparently, the Trapinch evolutionary line is based off of antlions, a type of insect which gained popularity through the sink hole traps of the larva. Here’s what bugged me, they were classified as Dragons (excluding Trapinch, of course) instead as part Bug. What do you think was the reason for this?

I think they probably started with the idea of a desert dragon, implying a Dragon/Ground type, and only later tried to come up with an unassuming ‘baby’ form for it.  When they did, they eventually settled on Trapinch and then worked the dragonfly aesthetic into the mature designs to build on it.

Also, do notice that they’re in the Bug breeding group, but not the Dragon breeding group.  Although they have many of the traits of Dragon Pokémon and few of the traits of Bug Pokémon, they can breed with most Bug-types, and are presumably more closely related to them than they are to other Dragon-types.

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