I read the question you answered about making your own legendaries and it made me wonder what non-legendary pokemon you would make if you could make 1 evolutionary line. For me I’d either go with a line of Dolphin pokemon using sonar or a Capybara line that’s Water/Ground and has Sap Sipper as their name means “leaf eater”. What kind of pokemon would you make?

Someone actually asked me this a couple of weeks ago.


The result was a Pokémon I’m tentatively calling Scribis.


It’s a stand-alone Pokémon, but I suppose it could do with a junior form – something that just scratches doodles in the sand with its beak without really knowing what they mean, and can see into the spirit world but can’t communicate with or understand other spirits.  Maybe the evolution could even be tied to the Unown, since they were supposed to be connected with Scribis in the first place – he evolves once they’ve taught him how to use their script.  That’d need a name… Scribblet?  Eh; that sounds kinda dumb…

As for yours – the dolphins could work, but they’d need something to distinguish them from all the other Pokémon with sonar (e.g. Golbat) or sonic powers (e.g. Exploud).  Not sure I see the point of the capybara except as an excuse to produce a powerful type combination.

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