Go Follow This. I Command It.

The BoltBeam project is a new blog by two crazy people who want to create Pokémon to fill all of the unused type combinations.  They only officially started today, and there is only one Pokémon so far, but I know one of the creators from an unrelated project of his and I am pretty confident that this will not be one of those flash-in-a-pan things that dies after one week.  They’re planning to come up with new stuff every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Now go, minions.  Do my bidding.


Day 1: Normal/Fire

Accumand -> Jerimand

Alright, here is our first set of pokémon. A little rough around the edges perhaps, but I like it.

Normal type is always a little tricky to pair other types with, since you have to figure out a way to make it apparent that it isn’t just a straight example of the other type. With this one, I decided to do that by creating a pokémon that lives around hot climates, but initially has no innate fire powers of it’s own, instead simply borrowing from its environment to get the job done.

Accumand here is based on a mix of a skink and a mythological salamander (with some lava lamp thrown in.) Instead of storing fat in its tail, it stores thermal energy. Perhaps it doesn’t truly eat at all, but instead just goes around sticking its tail in volcanoes or thermal vents for sustenance. By the time it evolves into Jerimand, the tail falls off, so instead he goes around swallowing enormous amounts of lava, which is visible in that big lava lamp-tummy of his.

In terms of ability, I think Flame Body and Thick Fat are both sensible options. Any other ideas?

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