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What would be your dream competitive pokemon team and why? Also what would be your ideal pleasure pokemon team ( just for fun)

[Disclaimer: this blog should not be your first port of call for competitive Pokémon advice, as I am a horrendous battler]

I’ve always said that, if there’s one Pokémon I’d want with me in a fight more than any other, it’s Starmie.  Of course, Starmie doesn’t like Pursuit, so I need something to murder Dark-types, something like Breloom.  I love Poison Heal Breloom, and Poison Heal Breloom loves me.  I want a Porygon 2 in there, because Porygon 2 with an Eviolite pretty much counters everything, right?  Let’s throw in a Dragon Dance Gyarados to ‘drop the hammer,’ as it were, and… what’s missing?  Stealth Rock!  Need something with Stealth Rock.  Let’s use Bronzong for that.

Oh, and it just doesn’t look right if you don’t have a Dragonite.  Bitches love Dragonite.

If I want a team just for fun, it’s going to be all Grass-types.  This is because Grass-types are the best.

Vileplume gets in because Vileplume is my favourite Pokémon and can Stun Spore things like nobody’s business.  Next is Whimsicott because Whimsicott is ridiculous and fun and a huge pain for your enemies.  Ludicolo is important so I don’t get completely squashed by Fire- and Ice-types (yeah, like he’s really going to help) and Cradily is bizarre and awesome.  Exeggutor is too slow to do much of anything, but packs a hell of a punch.  I want to finish by sticking Virizion in there, because I need someone to clean up with Swords Dance, right?

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