Look at all of the arts

So, consensus seems to be that we’re making a Water/Fire squid Pokémon to unleash upon our enemies.  I asked people to submit some art for this thing to get some different ideas of what it will look like, and I have a whole bunch of ‘em for you to look at here, so let’s get down to picking one.  The poll’s at the bottom of this post; I’ll leave it open for five days, though I reserve the right to make a second run-off poll if the two or three top choices are pretty close.  There’s a fair bit of variance in the image quality here, and I know it’s easy just to ignore the pencil sketches, but I’d like it if you’d try to give them a chance and look at the characteristics the designers have chosen to give this Pokémon – we’re voting on what the Pokémon should look like, not on which piece of art will be its face now and forever, and there’s always time for a more polished version later.  Ah, who am I kidding?  People like pretty pictures.  Anyway, without further ado…

In the order I received them:

#1, by Etall


#2, by Ill337erate


#3, by Adam Dreifus


#4, by Jack


#5, by Leevan Blackwood


#6, also by Leevan Blackwood


#7, by Kevin


#8, by Random Access


#9, by Squid


And here’s the poll!

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