I guess I should actually do this now

No one seems to have any major objections to the list of battle roles I proposed in the last post, so let’s vote on those choices.  The next step in hammering out this Pokémon, I think, will be to have people submit stat spreads and movepools for it, and the result of this poll will provide the direction for this – basically, what we’re saying here is “this Pokémon has to be able to fill this role.  If it can do one or two other things as well, that’s fine, but it has to be good at this.”  None of these imply physical, special or mixed – I’m on the fence about doing another poll for that, or just leaving it up to the people who submit the stat spreads.  Hrm.

I guess to some extent this is about what fits our current design best – both the art and the concept brief – but do think also about the battle properties of Fire/Water, both offensive and defensive, and the attacks that we are likely to be able to justify using.

EDIT: Just remembered that there was actually a suggestion to add “wall” as an option, which is sufficiently different from “tank” that I think it’s worth having, so I’ll put that in.

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