Okay, who’s good at doing stat spreads?

As you may know, we’re all making a new Pokémon here – a Water/Fire squid Pokémon, with the following description from Chewiana Jones:

“What if we had an enormous squid/oil lamp hybrid that lived deep in arctic oceans, getting most of its nutrients from volcanic vents and small deep-sea Pokemon prey and burning oil (for warmth) in small amounts inside its body, which could look somewhat steampunk furnace-ish structure with more organic parts like the eyes and mouth mixed in and a body made of translucent, durable membrane with golden light shining through, supported by a skeletal framework. However, when it starts to run low on oil, it flares up its flames and rises like a hot air balloon to closer to the surface. There, it hunts pokemon like Walrein and Dewgong by expelling oil like squid ink and then lighting it on fire, then eats them and uses the oil for more power.”

(It has been pointed out that it doesn’t make much sense for this thing to come up and hunt when it’s low on oil and then spray oil everywhere in order to hunt. A couple of people have suggested emendations but none of them have me convinced yet. I’m beginning to think that it may be best to go with the simplest possible explanation – it acquires much more oil than it uses when it hunts.)

Design by Adam.

The poll I set up to determine this thing’s battle role has been somewhat inconclusive, with equal votes going to ‘sweeper’ and ‘revenge killer.’  Rather than go through another poll, I’m just going to rule that this thing is biased towards aggressive play, with relatively limited defensive and support skills, and move on.  Next thing to be done is stats, movepool, abilities, and so on – if you want to take a shot at it, send some form of document to me at pokemaniac.chris@gmail.com containing the following:

  • Stats – I’m going to impose a maximum base stat total of 540; this is the highest number at which you can find multiple non-legendary Pokémon (excluding Dragonite, Tyranitar, etc).  Remember, though, there are plenty of effective Pokémon well down into the 400’s, and a couple of surprisingly silly ones even at 600 and above.
  • Abilities – up to three; if it has two or more, one should be designated a Dream World ability.
  • Level-up moves – including, if desired, 0-level moves learnt using a Heart Scale.
  • The 5th-generation TMs and HMs it can use – preferably ordered by number.  Note: all Pokémon that can use TMs can learn Toxic, Hidden Power, Protect (except Regigigas), Frustration, Return, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Round, Swagger and Substitute, and all Pokémon with gender can learn Attract (with a couple of exceptions which are probably oversights).
  • The B2/W2 tutored moves it can learn – preferably ordered alphabetically.  Note: all Pokémon that can use move tutors can learn Sleep Talk and Snore.
  • Egg moves – I’m making the executive decision that this thing belongs in the Water 3 egg group, with Tentacruel, Omastar and Cloyster, among others.  I know Octillery is in Water 2, but I suspect this is only because it evolves from Remoraid; all the other Water 2 Pokémon are fish.  Before giving this Pokémon an egg move, please check that something else in Water 3 can actually learn it!  If chain breeding is required, include a note explaining the required chain.  If you want to give this thing a secondary egg group, please give your reasoning.

I’m going to rule that people have one week from now to make submissions – after that, I post them all here and open a poll to choose one.

Any questions?

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