Let’s pick some stats

Okay, two things.  First, we now have a prettier version of the design for our Water/Fire squid Pokémon, courtesy again of Adam:

Anyone who wants to submit supplemental art of this thing – different poses, action shots, scenes, whatever – is welcome to send it to pokemaniac.chris@gmail.com for me to post later (remember to include the name you want me to use to credit you).

Second thing!  We now have a selection of four stat spreads to vote on!  Make sure you examine each one carefully – and bear in mind that you don’t have to pick the one you think is strongest on paper (of course, you can if you want to); if you’re concerned that one interpretation of this squid-thing looks overpowered, vote for a different one.

I should also explain one… slight problem I had with these.  It never occurred to me that, of course, everyone would format their stat spreads differently, and that not all of the submissions would be in a form I could post easily.  I had to reformat #2 and #4 quite extensively in order to get them into this post without shrinking the text to a totally illegible size.  #4 also came with several paragraphs of explanatory notes which I haven’t included here; they made it too large to deal with and none of the other submissions went into so much detail.  I can stick the extra information in the comments section to this post if people want to see it.  Anyway… let’s just get on with it and hope everyone can read these properly.

Submission #1, by Wearat

Submission #2, by James

Submission #3, by Thatswhatbradsaid

Submission #4, by Chad

And, of course… the poll.  I’ll leave this one open for five days; that should be plenty of time, right?

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