So, what now?

We have created a Pokémon!

So, what are we still missing?

We have art and a concept.

Art by Adam Dreifus.

Original concept brief, and a later update (both written by Chewiana Jones):

“What if we had an enormous squid/oil lamp hybrid that lived deep in arctic oceans, getting most of its nutrients from volcanic vents and small deep-sea Pokemon prey and burning oil (for warmth) in small amounts inside its body, which could look somewhat steampunk furnace-ish structure with more organic parts like the eyes and mouth mixed in and a body made of translucent, durable membrane with golden light shining through, supported by a skeletal framework. However, when it starts to run low on oil, it flares up its flames and rises like a hot air balloon to closer to the surface. There, it hunts pokemon like Walrein and Dewgong by expelling oil like squid ink and then lighting it on fire, then eats them and uses the oil for more power.”

“Yeah, I do think that Wailord might make more interesting prey for it. I only mentioned the seal Pokemon because unlike Wailord, they aren’t 
resistant to fire (well, unless they have Thick Fat, that is), so using 
fire attacks on them would make more sense. I suppose the whole point of
water’s resistance to fire is that water puts out flames, though, and 
it can’t put out oil fires, so I could see having it hunt Wailord and 
giving it an ability that lets it bypass the water-type resistance to 
fire, making it do neutral damage to most water types and be 
super-effective against Walrein and Empoleon and such.

Also, in regards to hunting, I have a few new ideas. Firstly, it 
wouldn’t necessarily be completely harmless when not hunting oily 
aquatic mammals. If it’s going to be generating heat and light anyways, 
it might as well put that to good use, and I like the idea of a school 
of deep-sea fish Pokemon seeing a strange, golden light shining from 
within a cave at the bottom of the continental shelf, swimming over to 
investigate, and promptly being ensnared and devoured by the squid 
thingy. Heck, since real cephalopods are fairly intelligent and it lives
in an area where there would probably be a fair number of shipwrecks 
due to all the icebergs (And possibly their own intervention as well. 
I’m not sure how they would sense a Wailord passing, but they might 
mistake a large ship for one, and, upon finding out that it isn’t, 
decide that since they already used up the oil to accelerate their rise 
to the surface and there has to be something edible on the strange 
wooden whale, they might as well tear it to bits anyways, in turn 
inspiring numerous sea monster stories), I can even see it picking up 
treasure that looks interesting to it and hoarding it in its cave-lair. 
I’m personally going with a sort of antique oil lantern made of heavily 
oxidized bronze as the better part of the main body to stick with that 
sort of theme.

As for the hunting for oil, I suppose it WOULD burn up all of the oil
that it was looking to consume if the squid just went and lit its prey 
on fire. Instead, it could trap a Wailord, weaken it it, and drive it to
the surface by surrounding it in burning, oil-filled water, then go in 
for the kill with its harpoon-like tentacles, which are so strong that 
it can sort-of stumble around on land with them for short periods of 
time, kind of like those War of the World tripod thingies except not 
quite as upright and at a risk of getting its barbed "feet” either stuck
in the ground or unable to penetrate, if used on something harder than 
ice. I’m not sure what the evolutionary advantage to being able to do 
this would be, but it looks cool.

Finally, while normally fairly solitary creatures, when a large group
(pod?) of Wailord passes through, a large number of oil-squid (lets 
call them Colosquiln (colossal/colossus – squid – kiln (best fire 
reference that I could work in smoothly)), for sake of argument) gather 
beneath them. The Colosquiln then rapidly ignite and release all of the 
oil in their bodies at once, firing themselves like giant, bronze-tipped
bullets straight through the air-filled bodies of the Wailord and 
killing them in massive numbers. It is only the bizarre breeding 
abilities of the Wailord that keeps them from extinction by over-hunting
by Colosquiln, and the Colosquiln often come into conflict with the 
local whalers in areas where Wailord-hunting is not illegal.“

We have stats:

Stats by Thatswhatbradsaid.

We do not have proper condensed Pokédex entries.  We do not have a name; Chewie suggests Colosquiln but I’d like to get more suggestions and do a poll on it (personally I am not particularly enamoured with ‘Colosquiln’ but that may be because I’m an archaeologist and I don’t necessarily think of the same things as most people when I hear the word ‘kiln’).  Come to think of it, we do not have sprites either; if there are any talented spriters out there it would be good to have something to fill that gap.  We do not have miscellaneous information like height and weight (I imagine the short answer is ‘big,’ but how big?), which experience curve it uses, and what effort points it provides when defeated.  All of this will need to be decided, and I’d like people to start talking about it in the comments section if there are any ideas, but the first thing I would like to do is take suggestions for any ‘tweaks’ to the stats and movepool.  I do not wish to deprecate any of the considerable work Thatswhatbradsaid put into this stat spread; however, I have come to feel that doing the stats and movepool is rather a lot to leave to one person and rather a lot to decide for one vote; trying to break it down more would have resulted in a crippling lack of direction, but doing it all as one vote leaves us without a lot of discussion on the details.  What I now want to do is create a whole series of polls, to be done all at once, along the lines of "does this Pokémon need this move?”, “should this Pokémon have a slightly lower/higher stat in this area?” or “does this ability seem right to you?”.  What I’d like, then, is to get people talking about what adjustments, if any, would be beneficial.

Just to get the Pokéball rolling, as it were: I don’t think there’s any real concern that this Pokémon will fail to be a useful high-speed attacker.  I have concerns that its extremely good speed and special attack, kitchen sink of attack moves, surprisingly varied support movepool, and Water-type V-Create are a bit much – however, it also has paper-thin defences and a weakness to Stealth Rock, and will remain highly vulnerable to priority attacks and Choice Scarf users.  So I ask: what do you think?  Does it really need to be toned down at all?  If so, what would you do?

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