Stat Spread Adjustments

For our current state of progress on creating a new Pokémon, look here:
Study that post (and the comments) carefully before voting on the polls below.

I now want to see whether readers thing any adjustments to this thing’s stats and movepool (created by Thatswhatbradsaid) are called for.  Each potential change has an individual poll, and I will not change something unless fewer than 33% of people are in favour of leaving it (if multiple possible changes are offered – as in the stats poll – the most popular change will be enacted, if “no change” gets less than 33% support).  Anyway, here we go:

Turbo Wave

Squiddy has a signature move, Turbo Wave, which is effectively a special Water-type equivalent to V-Create: 180 power, 90% accuracy, reduces user’s defence, special defence and speed after use.  Should this move be toned down?


The stats given to Squiddy by Thatswhatbradsaid are actually the lowest in total of all the submissions I received.  In fact, I’ve actually seen suggestions that its defences could stand to be buffed.  Here are some options.  Obviously the number of possible permutations for this poll is enormous; I’ve tried to offer a few reasonable choices.

Movepool: various special attacks

This thing gets a lot of special attacks.  Like, I think Normal, Fighting, Flying, Psychic and Rock are the only types he doesn’t have a good special attack from (and let us not forget that there are no good Rock-type special attacks).  I don’t want to make a blanket statement on these, so I’m doing individual polls for everything questionable.  Remember, I’ll only make a change if it has at least 67% support.

I’m making the executive decision that Zap Cannon is fine since using it is so risky.  I would like to question Volt Switch separately from the other Electric attacks, however.

Movepool: Support moves

Questions have been raised about this thing’s support movepool, and since its primary role is clearly going to be sweeping anyway I’m not hugely concerned about that, but I have to wonder whether Baton Pass was totally necessary, and whether Calm Mind is thematically appropriate.

Movepool: Scald

Honestly, I think we can all agree that there’s no reason for this guy not to have Scald (I think Brad mentioned that it was an oversight?).  Still, I want to make it official, so here’s a poll.

Y’know, I’m really beginning to feel the strain of the limitations placed on this kind of collaborative project by the format of this blog…

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