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I’ve recently noticed that the way GameFreak hands out moves is often… skewed. They will deprive a Pokemon of a move that fits its flavour perfectly, while giving another move to another Pokemon because HEY, WHY NOT? For example contrast Blissey learning Stealth Rock(WTF?) to Ninjask not learning ExtremeSpeed(His speed is all they talk about in the dex; I would have thought giving him a mlve that requires, y’know, SPEED would be a no- brainer). Thoughts?

Ninjask lacking Extremespeed is actually something I can get behind, since all Extremespeed really does is allow a Pokémon to move first – something Ninjask can almost always do on his own anyway.  In general, though… Here’s an old rant which might amuse you.

“…it’s the moves that are the most widely available that tend to bug me, because those are the ones that are most likely to belong to Pokémon who have no business using them.  Everyone brings up Focus Punch, which is available to a couple of clearly armless Pokémon like Togekiss, but my personal favourite is Aerial Ace.  Now, yes, I know Aerial Ace is supposed to be a reference to an old Japanese sword move, the ‘turning swallow cut,’ but 1. it’s a Flying-type attack, 2. the only Pokémon who learn it by levelling are  bird Pokémon (and… er… Heracross… for some reason… although Heracross can actually fly), and 3. whether you imagine it requiring flight or not, it carries connotations of extreme speed.  Aerial Ace is available to a number of Pokemon who blatantly cannot fly and, in some cases, weigh hundreds of kilograms, including Tyranitar, Ursaring, Tangrowth, Metagross, Nidoqueen (but not Nidoking, so clearly they thought it was particularly appropriate to Nidoqueen for some reason), Slaking (!), Aggron (!!?), Maractus, Groudon, Armaldo, Bouffalant, Stoutland, Registeel (but not Regirock or Regice, so again they must have thought that this was an especially good move forRegisteel in particular), Crustle (?), Ferrothorn (?!) and, of all things, Slowbro (but, once again for reasons beyond my comprehension, not Slowking, so someone must have thought at some point “what can we give Slowbro to emphasise the differences between him and Slowking?  Oh; I know, AERIAL ACE.”).”

In short, no, there’s not a whole lot of logic to it.  I suspect there may be a sort of implicit feeling here that logic is the enemy – after all, most Pokémon attacks don’t really make a whole lot of sense anyway.  We’re just more willing to suspend disbelief for attacks that are overtly magical in nature, which is actually rather odd, when you think about it – we’ll get annoyed at the assertion that Blastoise can use Iron Tail, but Starmie using Thunderbolt is a-okay?  Double standard, much?  I think the point is that Pokémon are, by their very nature, creatures who excel at doing the unexpected or the impossible.  We should expect them to surprise us.

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