Pokémon: Twitch Version

In memory of the recent astonishing victories of Twitch Plays Pokémon, now you too can experience the frustration and insanity of the hit stream on your very own Nintendo 3DS! (If someone with more programming skills than me actually wants to make this into a hacked rom, I will love you forever)

–          Choose your starter Pokémon: Pidgey, Rattata or Nidoran!
–          Start the game with a powerful item to provide guidance in times of need: the Helix Fossil!  Consult the Helix Fossil to learn whether this is the right time to use an item, or which move to use against your opponents!
–          No more Pokéballs – instead, wild Pokémon will join your party at random!  Be careful – if your party is full, you might need to brave the PC to retrieve them!
–          A surprise around every corner when learning new moves – you never know what your Pokémon are going to forget!
–          Bill’s PC – the classic villain of Twitch Plays Pokémon is back, with some all new tricks!  Deposit one Pokémon, get one back – but if you want to choose which ones those are, you’d better be prepared to make a sacrifice!  What’s more, the longer you spend using the PC, the more likely it is to demand blood – make sure you release Pokémon regularly, or Bill may take matters into his own hands!
–          Classic RBY mechanics – the Special stat!  15 types!  No held items, abilities or breeding!  No decent attacks for Bug, Grass, Flying, Ghost or Dragon Pokémon!  TMs of powerful moves like Teleport, Dragon Rage and Razor Wind!
–          Meet all your favourite characters from the original Twitch Plays Pokémon, like ABBBBBBK( and JLVWNNOOOO!
–          Powerful new skills for certain Pokémon: Pidgeot gains a boost to all base stats; Venomoth can learn all HM moves; Rattata’s level-up move pool is expanded with attacks like Thunderbolt and Bubblebeam; Gastly starts with Sing and Rollout – explore the game and find out what all your Pokémon can do!
–          Pokémon with field moves like Dig and Teleport will use them on their own initiative to get you out of tight spots, back to the safety of the Pokémon Centre – but be careful, or you might end up leaving a dungeon before you’re done!
–          Hours of play time in every area with engaging ledge-jumping puzzles!
–          Listen for Bulbasaur’s cry to help find hidden items and areas!  Make sure to play it from your Pokédex regularly so you remember what it sounds like!
–          Beat Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader!
–          And much, much more (or less, depending on your perspective)!

With seven exciting game modes to unlock!  Switch between modes at a Pokémon Centre, or when the Helix is pleased with your progress!

–          Anarchy – The default setting.  All Pokémon disobey orders, regardless of the number of their trainer’s badges, and movement commands in the overworld are scrambled.  When you try to use an item, there is a 50% chance of tossing it instead.
–          Democracy – All Pokémon disobey orders, regardless of the number of their trainer’s badges, and gameplay speed is reduced by 80%.  When you try to use an item, there is a 33% chance of tossing it instead.  Unlock Democracy mode by finding the mysterious Dome Fossil!
–          Dictatorship – For online play only.  Connect your game to the controls of a random player on the internet and let the blind lead the insane!  Unlock Dictatorship mode by resurrecting Kabuto!
–          Capitalism – Every step costs money, and Pokémon centres charge for healing.  Pokémon will charge for using their attacks, and become more expensive at higher levels – hey, you can’t expect them to put in all that effort for no reward, right?  Unlock Capitalism mode by amassing 50,000 Pokédollars!
–          Communism – All Pokémon share experience equally, including those in Bill’s PC, you cannot earn money or buy items, and gameplay speed is reduced by 60%.  Unlock Communism mode by evolving Eevee into Flareon!
–          Theocracy – Choose one of three divine patrons – the Helix, the Dome or the Amber – and give yourself over to your god’s will.  Each one has exciting Intervention powers that allow them to take a hand in battle when you least expect it, rewarding you for your good decisions by resurrecting your defeated Pokémon or improving their stats, and punishing you for your sins by cursing your Pokémon with weaker moves or striking them with confusion.  Unlock Theocracy mode by resurrecting Omanyte!
–          Monarchy – Tired of all this bull$#!t?  Just switch to Monarchy and control your game normally for a while.  Unlock Monarchy mode by connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi while no-one else in the world is online!

A gripping psychological plot, focusing on Red’s spiral into insanity as he loses control over his own actions and watches his friends perish!

–          Seek out the eight Gym Leaders and lose to them in battle to gain precious insights into your condition!
–          Obtain the SS Ticket and help Aaabaaajss lead his loyal disciples to the promised land!
–          Climb the 101 floors of Pokémon Tower and rescue Mr. Fuji!
–          Find Flareon, the False Prophet, and through your actions decide how his story ends!
–          Relive the events of Bloody Sunday from the perspective of Dux, X(araggbaj and AAJST(????, and experience the horror first hand!
–          Learn the forgotten origins of the Pokémon world, and the hidden truths of the Helix and the Dome!
–          Descend into the depths of the PC to battle Bill himself and reclaim the souls of your fallen!  Will you recover your precious Pokémon?   Or will you only fall prey to the PC’s horrifying snares yourself?

Discover the epic story of madness, grief, perseverance and triumph!  Get Pokémon: Twitch Version today!

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