Would you ever like to see Pokemon Origins continue with the Johto games’ protagonist?

Hmm.  Ambivalent.  The anime starts to follow the games more closely from the Johto series onward, so although Ash never, say, encounters Giovanni at Silph Co., he does help Lance fight Team Rocket at the Lake of Rage.  He never meets Mr. Fuji or battles Gary himself in the Kanto series, but he does spend episodes with Kurt, the Kimono Girls, Eusine, and Jasmine’s Ampharos.  There’s a lot more overlap in terms of what the anime has done already, so I’m kind of lukewarm about the whole prospect.  There’d be material for an episode at the Goldenrod Radio Tower, it’s true, but a hypothetical Origins: Gold, Silver, Crystal series would still need to have an episode in Mahogany Town to introduce Lance – either that, or completely gloss over the Champion battle, which (though not unthinkable) would be weird.  An extended treatment of Ethan’s battle with Clair and her subsequent refusal to hand over the Rising Badge might be neat though.  I think the big draw would have to be the opportunity to cover Ethan’s battle with Red on Mount Silver, but how to present that in a way that makes sense with Red’s characterisation in Origins?  There might be other sequences that could possibly be dealt with in interesting ways, but overall… meh.

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