Anonymous asks:

Are you going to talk about the final two episodes Pokémon Generations at any point? I already have an idea as to how you might like them…

…the final two episodes of what now?

…oh f#%& that’s right I was doing that whole thing

and then I started playing Moon version and forgot about it


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Anonymous asks:

Even though I believe on your argument on the whole Beartic x Dragonite question, I don’t really think that the thing about levels is possible. Principaly because the levels don’t seem to make a very big influence on the anime. One example is one of the starting episodes of the Unova series where Pikachu loses to Trip’s Snivy. (His name’s Trip right? Right) The Snivy was recently catched and I can’t really believe Pikachu would be something lower than 50 and it surely didn’t just “reset”

I agree with you in principle, but that’s a bad example.  The whole context of that battle is that Pikachu’s just had his powers drained by Zekrom.  He is operating at vastly diminished capacity compared to practically every other time we ever see him fight, and the games offer us no guidelines on how to simulate that.

Anonymous asks:

I really dislike the anime, but principally because MANY of the battles are completely inaccurate. This gets to my frustration point principally on the Unova series. I don’t remember exactly, But i THINK it was on chapter 752 that happened the biggest bullshit I’ve ever seen. (The start of the Junior cup) First of all, a Serperior beats a Darmanitan with a single solar beam (This isn’t the worst part) but THEN Iris’s dragonite just survives two ice beams from a Beartic! What do you think?

Okay, so, I think “inaccurate” is an interesting choice of words here, because it implies that battles in the anime are supposed to be a representation of something else, and that we can judge them by the closeness of that representation.  Presumably you think they’re supposed to be representations of battles in the games, which I don’t believe is now the case or ever has been; I think the games and anime both represent, in different ways, the same abstract fantasy.  Really, it makes just as much sense to say that the games are “inaccurate” for failing to allow for the level of tactical variety or the influence of individual personality and relationships that we see in the anime.  Furthermore if this is the “biggest bullshit you’ve ever seen” then clearly you haven’t watched Solid as a Solrock; personally I expect bullshit of a much higher calibre from the Pokémon anime.  But let’s run some of these numbers.

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Anonymous asks:

What’s one event in the pokemon anime that you would change if you could?

Tricky… I think anything I would want to change about the anime would involve more sweeping changes of style or worldbuilding, stuff that you can’t really get rid of by changing a single event.  I mean, there are things that annoy me – like Primeape leaving Ash in the way and at the time that he did, I think was really rather misplayed – but I don’t know if any of those are worth the kind of “if you could change one thing” idea that you’re getting at.  I suppose more than anything else I would want (if it counts as just “one event”) to fix the cutting off of the GS Ball storyarc, which at the time seemed like it would be really important but ultimately was just forgotten after Ash left the ball with Kurt.  I’m just not sure what I would necessarily do with it…

pixel3r asks:

Wishful Thinking: The anime is getting rid of Ash, and is going to start the next generation’s anime with a totally new protagonist. And YOU have the opportunity to design them~ What sort of character do you design?

Hard to say… a lot of Ash’s existing personality traits are actually kind of useful ones for a main character to have, like it’s actually good for your main character in a fantasy world to be a little bit clueless, because the audience can learn about the world as they learn, and Ash’s enthusiasm for battling and capturing Pokémon are important for getting people to buy into the main premises of the franchise.  So it’s probably good to keep those things… to an extent, anyway.  But what might be different?  Well, it would be nice to have the protagonist be a girl, for a change… and we could contrast Ash, who is if anything overly friendly with Pokémon he’s just met, with a character who has a bit more difficulty bonding with Pokémon, and has an initially more standoffish relationship with them, more like Gary… add a very curious, analytical bent, sort of like Red from Origins, to play into the Pokédex quest and the theme of exploration… something like that, I think.

Anonymous asks:

What do you think of the different depictions of Pokémon between the main anime and Origins? For example, the way some moves are portrayed, Pokémon cries, or even the way Pokémon are recalled into their Poké Balls.

I don’t know; the only thing I really remember noticing was that Charmander sounds like a cat being strangled for some reason.  I suppose abandoning the “Pokémon say their names” convention is meant as an effort to make them less cartoony, more like real animals, and I have no problem with this.  To be honest, the rest is just swirly glowy things; depictions of those change a bit between seasons of the anime as well.

i had a dream last night that they were remaking the first season of the Pokemon anime. Ash had a really cool outfit, and the animation was top-notch. In its opening, they even hinted that male protagonists from other games, like Ethan, were gonna get involved in the future. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a remix of the first theme of the series, which I think is just criminal. But regardless, do you think it’s plausible that they’d make a remake, and would you be for the idea?

Dunno.  I’m sort of unsure whether it’s necessary.  I feel like most of what you would get out of a remake you can also get out of just watching the ongoing seasons of the anime – it’s still Ash (who is of course eternal), the Pokémon anime isn’t really big on plots that span multiple episodes other than the whole badge quest thing (which is a constant in every season), and frankly the anime isn’t above recycling the plots of individual episodes either (with more nuanced treatments in later versions, it must be said – Dancing with the Ducklett Trio is basically a more polished version of All that Glitters that also has more stuff going on in the background).  And to be honest, I kinda like the quirkiness of the first season that would, if anything, probably be lost in a remake.  I mean, I wouldn’t really be against it either, because seeing my favourite episodes with updated animation would be neat, but… eh.

Would you ever like to see Pokemon Origins continue with the Johto games’ protagonist?

Hmm.  Ambivalent.  The anime starts to follow the games more closely from the Johto series onward, so although Ash never, say, encounters Giovanni at Silph Co., he does help Lance fight Team Rocket at the Lake of Rage.  He never meets Mr. Fuji or battles Gary himself in the Kanto series, but he does spend episodes with Kurt, the Kimono Girls, Eusine, and Jasmine’s Ampharos.  There’s a lot more overlap in terms of what the anime has done already, so I’m kind of lukewarm about the whole prospect.  There’d be material for an episode at the Goldenrod Radio Tower, it’s true, but a hypothetical Origins: Gold, Silver, Crystal series would still need to have an episode in Mahogany Town to introduce Lance – either that, or completely gloss over the Champion battle, which (though not unthinkable) would be weird.  An extended treatment of Ethan’s battle with Clair and her subsequent refusal to hand over the Rising Badge might be neat though.  I think the big draw would have to be the opportunity to cover Ethan’s battle with Red on Mount Silver, but how to present that in a way that makes sense with Red’s characterisation in Origins?  There might be other sequences that could possibly be dealt with in interesting ways, but overall… meh.

Aaaah yes, I can finally ask you! Have you seen the ghost girl in Lumiose? And the Mamoswine being photographed? Also, are you planning on watching the XY anime? It’s only about 10 episodes in at the moment and there are subs available. Earlier this year I tried watching the entire anime and I got to episode 300 or so before I gave up, it just wasn’t that interesting… but I’m totally hooked with this new one! I don’t know how much of it has to do with it not being a poor dub though.

Oh, right.  I did see both of those, but I forgot to comment on them.  I’m not sure I understand the logic behind choosing a Mamoswine as the spokesperson (…spokespokémon?) for a cosmetics company, but hey, if it sells, why not?  And the weird ghost chick… yeah, I have no idea what that’s about.  I sort of figured that maybe if you came back later, after filling some requirement, she’d do something else?  I don’t know.  Creepy as f#@$ though.

I’ll probably watch the X and Y series at some point, but I don’t really like watching the anime subtitled, personally.