i had a dream last night that they were remaking the first season of the Pokemon anime. Ash had a really cool outfit, and the animation was top-notch. In its opening, they even hinted that male protagonists from other games, like Ethan, were gonna get involved in the future. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a remix of the first theme of the series, which I think is just criminal. But regardless, do you think it’s plausible that they’d make a remake, and would you be for the idea?

Dunno.  I’m sort of unsure whether it’s necessary.  I feel like most of what you would get out of a remake you can also get out of just watching the ongoing seasons of the anime – it’s still Ash (who is of course eternal), the Pokémon anime isn’t really big on plots that span multiple episodes other than the whole badge quest thing (which is a constant in every season), and frankly the anime isn’t above recycling the plots of individual episodes either (with more nuanced treatments in later versions, it must be said – Dancing with the Ducklett Trio is basically a more polished version of All that Glitters that also has more stuff going on in the background).  And to be honest, I kinda like the quirkiness of the first season that would, if anything, probably be lost in a remake.  I mean, I wouldn’t really be against it either, because seeing my favourite episodes with updated animation would be neat, but… eh.

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