Frezgle asks:

Hey!!! Did you see the a trailer for Pokemon Go? What do you think? I’m pretty psyched, since Ingress was awesome and it’s made by the same people.

I have indeed.  It’s actually kind of funny to me, because I have a friend back home who works in the mobile games industry and has been working towards a pitch for basically this exact game for years, and now they’ve gone and done it first, the bastards.  Anyway, I don’t actually know anything about Ingress, but yeah, I’m excited!  Pokémon was always supposed to be about exploring the world around you, and I think this is a fantastic way of building on that theme.  I’m particularly interested in the segment from the trailer that depicts a massive battle against Mewtwo – legendary Pokémon finally getting the respect they deserve, as huge challenges that take as many as a dozen Pokémon working in unison to take down.  I wonder whether you’ll be able to see different Pokémon in different parts of the world, or whether the game will be able to choose species that are appropriate to the real world environment?  Lots of interesting decisions they could make here.

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