Anonymous asks:

So I have this like, intense desire for there to be a poison/fairy type pokemon, since it’d be a good type combo and they’re my favorite types. But since fairy types are generally based off of mythical creatures/folk tales, I’m unsure of what the design could be. Also, fairy and poison types have clashing aesthetics, with fairies being cute and poisons being grotesque. Hopefully if they do make one it isn’t disgusting looking; as shallow as it is, I can’t stand ugly pokemon (weezing). Thoughts?

I think Fairy/Poison could be really interesting!  Poison-types aren’t always grotesque (witness, for instance, Roserade, Nidoqueen, Seviper), and Fairy-types aren’t always cute (Granbull, Mawile), so I’m sure there’s room to meet in the middle on that one.  And there’s plenty of room for poison in fairytale – what about the poisoned apple that the evil queen gives to Snow White?  Or the association between fairies and poisonous mushrooms?  I think a Fairy/Poison-type that acted as a sort of fungal counterpart to Flabébé, Floette and Florges would be really neat – a fairy whose body is covered in growths of mushrooms and toadstools, that contributes to the balance of nature by advancing decay.  Or maybe a witch-like Pokémon that brews potions, some of them miraculous cures, others deadly toxins.

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