Anonymous asks:

What would you say to wonder guard gaining an additional magic guard effect?

Well, it might make Shedinja suck less, and I’d be in favour of that… but the thing about Shedinja and Wonder Guard is that, because it’s so all-or-nothing, it’s almost impossible to balance.  If your opponents can consistently damage it, it’s completely worthless.  If your opponents can’t consistently damage it, it’s horrendously overpowered, until people wise up and start building their teams so that they can.  There’s no middle ground.  I don’t think changing the list of things that can insta-kill Shedinja actually helps much.  Maybe if Wonder Guard worked differently – like if, in addition to its existing effect, it reduced all damage Shedinja does take to 1, and then Shedinja could be given more than one hit point (something like 3 or 5)… I feel like, at that point, you have more variables involved and more capacity to fine-tune the ability (by giving Shedinja a different number of hit points).  But that’s just me brainstorming.

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