X Nuzlocke, extra dialogue: Spruce and Amaldos

Spruce the Pidgeot and Amaldos the insane blind Lucario talk about… something.  We think.

Spruce: Amaldos, can I talk to you for a second?
Amaldos: Lelanthion… Lelanthion, is that you?  I don’t remember… why don’t I remember?
Spruce: Uh… no; no, it’s Spruce, remember?  We’re friends.  Or, um.  I think we are?
Amaldos: Spruce… child, yes… divine yet not divine, divined by a diviner, and divining your own divinity…
Spruce: I’ll… take that as a yes.  You’ve, um… listen, Amaldos, you’ve been kinda distant since we left Lumiose City.  Er.  More so than usual.  Is everything all right?
Amaldos: Distant yet close by… and closer than I would like.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with someone else’s shoes.
Spruce: Someone else’s shoes… Lelanthion?  That was your friend’s name, right?  The other Lucario, the one you… um… well, y’know…
Amaldos: He and I… we cheated death, and were cheated out of death, and now death will cheat us all… [Looks at his Mega Stone]
Spruce: That… that almost made sense.  I think.  You’ve lived a long time, haven’t you?  Longer than… longer than you should have.
Amaldos: A light heart lives long, but a heavy one dies hard, and we blinded ones can see the light no longer.  It is better to live for one day as a sheep than for a thousand years as a lion.
Spruce: A thousand years!?  Wait, do you literally mean…?
Amaldos: Give or take… given or taken, imposed or stolen, our crime and our punishment…
Spruce: How?
Amaldos: [shakes head] A stone will roll as long as no moss gathers… memory is but the slave to purpose.
Spruce: You don’t remember, do you…?  Well… we’ll help you remember!  Because we’re your friends!  We’ll help you find out, and then you can… um… die…?  Wait, is that even what you want?
Amaldos: A life is an easy thing to give, in a matter of life and death, but who among us would give up our deaths in a cause that life itself despised?
Spruce: “A matter of life and death,” you’ve said that before.  And Team Flare, they keep talking about how they “serve life”… do you know something about them?  About what they’re doing?  Is that why you wanted to help Ruby?
Amaldos: They who are without sin live in glass houses, and have no one to throw their stones.  We the sinful wear our stones around our necks, and when we throw them… cast ourselves into the deep…
Spruce: But what are they doing?  The Pokémon they were kidnapping, the ruins they were messing with, whatever was happening at the power plant… what’s it all for?
Amaldos: A sylvan historian tells a beautiful truth to cover up a painful lie.  Unheard melodies will not stop an unstoppable force, but they may yet stop everything else.  Milk is churned into butter and anger into strife, but milk left alone produces cheese… what will be the cheese of their anger?
Spruce: Er… okay, you’ve lost me on the cheese thing.
Amaldos: Only lost cheese can be found, and once found may be all the better for its age.
Ruby: Spruce!  Amaldos!  What are you two talking about back there?  You’re falling behind; keep up!
Daku: You dare presume in my presence to address an Uber with such-
Ruby: Oh, for crying out loud… If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could the two of you please move as fast as you may find convenient!
Daku: And now you lower yourself to making polite requests of the NU filth?
Ruby: ARGH!  There’s just no pleasing you, is there?  Whatever; I’m moving; the rest of you can keep up or die in this awful swamp.  I don’t care anymore.

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