Anonymous asks:

How would you design a Champion? I don’t mean in terms of visual design, but personal character and team composition. What kind of profession would they have (if any)? What would their personality be like? What type or theme would they specialize in (if any)? And, of course, what Pokémon would you give them?


Well, we’ve had a rival, a superhero, a geologist, a mythographer, an adventurer, a dragon princess, and an actress… what would I like to have next?  Maybe… a politician, a leader?  Someone whose philosophy revolves around responsibility, duty, and community?  This champion is the mayor of a major city that the player visits on their journey.  They’re not on the front lines of crises like Lance, Steven or Alder; instead they’re leading from behind, making sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be, protecting civilians from chaos, and taking charge in recovery efforts after disasters.  In interactions with the player, they constantly stress the responsibility of Pokémon trainers to use their power and skills for the good of all, and challenge the player to think about how their journey is benefiting people and Pokémon other than themselves.  In battle, this Champion’s Pokémon are all Normal-types (because Normal-types need some love), focusing on those that value protectiveness, loyalty or industry – Stoutland, Pyroar, Braviary, Diggersby (with Huge Power, of course) and Sawsbuck, with Mega Kangaskhan to cap it all off.

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