Anonymous asks:

More than once, I’ve seen you complain about how gen 4 didn’t simply switch Sceptile’s physical and special attack stats. Are there any other pokemon who you think should be fixed simply by having some of their base stats changed or switched? That was never a solution you brought up in your Top 10 Worst Pokemon, and while I know it’s a bit of an uncreative solution, for several pokemon it’s the only plausible solution.

Hmm.  Well, I think the Pokémon on that list need a good deal more than that – most of them do actually have attack stats that match their movepools reasonably well, if memory serves; the problem is that both are awful.  I’m not sure I’ve every really thought that about any other Pokémon.  Sceptile is sort of a special case because there’s a flavour/aesthetic component to it.  Sceptile looks and feels like he should be a physical attacker, but he isn’t because the designers loaded him up with moves that push the limits of what makes sense in generation III mechanics – moves that, like Sceptile, look and feel physical but were actually special at the time because of their type, like Leaf Blade and Dragon Claw.  I don’t know if there’s any other Pokémon that had quite the same experience of that transition; the vast majority of them came out better off.  Sceptile is just weird because it seems like they deliberately statted him up to work with the quirks of the pre-generation IV mechanics that Pokémon like Absol, Feraligatr and Sneasel were stuck trying to work against.

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